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Owner: y353
Publisher: Tronica
Series: Tronica - tri screen
Bought at: 2014 Sep 30
Serial number:
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Overall score:

Unit score:

Screen score:
Buttons score:
Sound score:
Serial number score:
Clasp score:
Front cover score:
Back cover score:
Battery cover score:
Battery compartment:
Package score:

Box score:
Styrofoam insert score:
Nylon bag score:
Manual score:
Original batteries score:
Public note Private note
The unit's front cover (when closed) has been remade by someone before. Really great job!
The left screen and the center screen have both a black "finger". They don't ruin the playing though.
The left screen has the black in in the middle top.
In the central screen, the black is in the middle left.
The manual's first and second pages have some bug damage, but the rest of the manual have none.
The Tronica's ad has a hole in it (bug's fault). As you handle it it keeps falling apart. The best solution would be some plastic cover.
The box and the styrofoam are in great shape.
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