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Owner: ceral
Publisher: Masudaya
Series: None
Bought at: 1984 Oct 13
Serial number:
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Very rare (I didn't see around)1982 Shogun game.
Matsudaya (a common toy brand) launch "play & time", the response to Nintendo "game & watch" series.
1982 Shogun game is a battle between a samurai and an endless number of ninjas that must reach the floor in order to delivery important messages. (is not like" samurai vs ninjas" but similiar topic)
Blade against blade, ninjas come down from a window, bounce from one side to another on samurai's blade, until they find the death next the door. Our samurai is not a ronin, so he defends the Shogun. The game is simple at the beginning but it becomes more complicated when you reach 80-100 killed ninjas where they come down 4/5 units at same time on increased speed. Beeps help you to keep the tempo. It's a matter of priority and timing.

A best graphic I ever seen for that time, (even vs nintendo ballon or other “play and time” handheld) it was a great gift of my grandmother in 1984.

It's a "lived" device not saved in a bookshelf, but a lot of summer and winter played with my parents, my brother, and friends, in order to beat my records

It is still working today despite the hard life, Somtetimes is funny to re-play.
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